Little skully cross-stitch

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Found a pattern online and whipped up this simple 4”x4” cross-stitch in the traditional black floss with white cloth. Once I was done, I decided I didn’t like it, and that I should redo a negative version of it because that would be easy and fun (spoiler alert: it was not). The top of the skull is a little wonky because I had to go off-pattern a bit for it, but I think it looks okay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

Posted on September 3rd 2019 in Cross-Stitch

RHPS swap

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I was looking through my archives and realized that I never posted about the Rocky Horror Picture Show swap I did years ago on!

I decided to create an audience participation package for my swap partner. I used my rhinestone applicator (and a buttload of stones) to apply an image of the Rocky lips to the front flap of a large messenger bag (those stones had to be applied by hand). Then I used an iron-on transfer for the text. I filled the messenger bag with everything she needed to participate: cards, a hand-sewed stuffie in the shape of toast, a bell, confetti, water guns, and an authentic copy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that I got from someone in Cleveland. 

I also included little tins with images from the movie on them so she could put rice, and other goodies, within

I also made a slew of magnets, and included them on a little skull tin I found at Michaels. The tin contained playing cards so she could throw them at the stage when appropriate.

I also included an apron, and used iron-on transfers of Eddie’s rotoscoped head and Rocky lettering for the front. If you’ve never seen the RHPS, this is a spoiler.

I love doing a variety of different crafty things in order to push my limits and ameliorate my craft. My skills have gotten better since the swap days (almost 10 years ago now IIRC), and I’m always looking for the next project to tackle.

Posted on May 6th 2019 in Swaps