Cross stitch number

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Another project done! I tried to use a marker to darken the inner mat, and of course immediately scratched the white mat with the black marker. Sigh. So I used calligraphy ink that I had on hand to dye the mat.

Step 1: cross stitch something dirty based off of a game you’ve never played yet recognize the characters to. 

Step 2: go to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and spend $10 on a frame whose cutout matches the size of your artwork. 

Step 3: take it all apart and wonder at the amount of staples and tape they use to secure a fairly mundane image. 

Step 4: use a marker to colour the inside mat black, and immediately fuck the white up like you knew you would. 

Step 5: continue to fuck up the front of the mat with marker, leaving weird streaks and unfinished parts. Use calligraphy ink to dye the entire mat. 

Step 6: put your image in, put it all back together, tape, and hang. 

Step 7: be glad it’s done!

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Surfing on the feel of the last post, a few months ago I had an abundance of Chucks on my hands. My beloved blue-black two tones finally bit the dust, and I had to say goodbye. I felt a pang of guilt as I was chucking them (heh), so I thought: “what can I make with these?” Turns out I can make 2″ magnets, pin back buttons, and laceable wings for my sneakers. Neat. 

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