Dog stuff!

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I wanted to make a doggie back pack for Tug, so I made this jacket the other day, and in my typical “devil may care” attitude, I guerrilla’d the hell out of this. Back packs give a dog a “job” while they’re walking, which gives them a purpose and helps focus their attention (something my dog desperately needs)

I used an existing jacket and made a pattern out of it (something I’ve never done). Except I didn’t measure or pin or make a paper pattern, I just traced the jacket and eyeballed the collar. I felt it came out pretty good considering it was leftover Ikea drapery fabric!

1. Trace fabric and cut out


2. Assemble pattern on table and make sure everything lines up and looks good.


3. Start sewing!


4. I used a contrasty thread colour ad a zigzag pattern


5. Put on dog and sketch pockets. You might want to measure since I didn’t and the belly straps didn’t go all the way around. I had to add some lengths to make it work. Fabric shrinks when you work with it!


6. You really should measure things so that pieces are even. I didn’t, and you can tell since the pockets are wonky. I might take them off and redo them so that I have one big pocket on each side. They’re big enough to carry some heavy coasters, but I was really aiming for circle weights (measure!)


7. Add Velcro to the backing, making sure that the pieces are going the same way. Be sure to pay attention when you’re cutting the Velcro – if they stick it together when you buy it, remember that one cut makes a matching set. I cut four pieces thinking I needed four tabs of Velcro. Since it was already stuck together, I really only needed to make 2 cuts.

Et voilà!

Lessons learned:

1. Listen to your sewing machine, kiddos! When it starts to squeak, buck, jam, or do anything other than purr along, stop what you’re doing and check it out. Threads get caught, bobbins get put in wrong, and all kinds of silly things can go wrong.

2. As with painting, don’t sew if it’s really late and you’re hot and cranky. You’ll be more likely to make stupid mistakes. Thankfully since this was my first run, I didn’t much care.

3. Use appropriate thread. I used embroidery thread because I liked the colour, but I had to keep playing with the tension and length because it kept breaking. It also jammed up the insides with some thread junk.

While this piece isn’t nearly ready for sale, I learned a lot making it without worrying about the pressure to make it perfect.

I think this piece will make my friend (and sewing teacher) happy since I made a project on my own, but will also frustrate the hell out of her due to my lack of patterns, measuring, and abundance of guesswork 😉

I have another, even BETTER project to post about next you guys!! But first, time to hand laundry *sad trombone*

Posted on June 23rd 2012 in Dogs, Sewing

Sneak peek

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I just wanted to give all y’all a sneak peek at my latest project. I’ve actually sewed TWO things in as many days, which is some kind of record for me. But anyway, on to the sneak peek!


Ha ha, not much of a teaser, I know. But trust me, it’s awesome!

Posted on June 23rd 2012 in Dogs, Sewing