Hello, my lovelies!

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So it’s been ages since I’ve posted, and for that I apologize. I’ve reinstalled the WP app on my phone, so I’m hoping that’ll get me to post more.

While I might not have been posting content, I’ve sure been creating it! For now, I’ll ease into it with a project I did around xmas. It’s a pretty small one, but has helped a lot to organize some of my supplies.

I managed to score 4 really great tins at work that held cookies I didn’t eat. I took them home, peeled all the labeling off, and stamped letters onto a sheet of magnet in order to label what was in the box. Brilliant! More to come tomorrow 🙂


Posted on February 14th 2017 in Housewares

Printing press shelves!


I picked up these great antique printing press drawers at my favourite antiques dealer today, and decided to turn them into shelving for some of my mini knick knacks.



Step one was to screw picture holders into the backs of the drawers


Then we attached the picture holders to the wall


Et voilà! Ready to fill with trinkets!



Posted on June 5th 2012 in Housewares