Custom piece for JK!

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A friend of mine was looking for a headpiece to attend a wedding this weekend. She showed me her gorgeous black dress with silver and purple embroidery, and I showed her some materials I had on hand. We both loved the idea of a feather pad on a headband, accentuated with velour leaves and a shot of turquoise. I went home having a good idea of what I was going to make until I found the perfect piece of vintage jewelry. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t make the leaves and turquoise biot feathers work. The jewelry was just so fantastic that anything I tried to add just made it busy and took away from the piece. Luckily my client agreed, and loved my choice. Sometimes you just have to let the materials express themselves. I’m so happy she’s pleased with it!




Posted on June 9th 2012 in custom work, Headbands

New headband!

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Made this from new materials. Looks best on contrasting hair, but since Vivian and I have the same colour hair, it’ll have to do.


Posted on May 31st 2012 in Craft Fairs, Headbands