Custom bow!

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So here’s what I’ve been struggling with! The client wanted a gigantic bow for her head, so I picked up some grosgrain ribbon from my favorite sewing place here in town (Paula’s Sewing Basket) and immediately started fretting about how I was going to do it. I spent a few hours every night figuring it out, and did the other commissions first while I mulled it over. Finally, Wednesday night I figured out how I was going to do it, and I finished it last night!

I hope she likes it!

2+ meters of grosgrain ribbon modeled by the lovely Kim:




I really need better pictures!

In related news, March of the Black Swan was snatched up, and it, along with this bow and The Black Dahlia will be making an appearance at Harvest Noir this weekend! Wheee!

Posted on October 14th 2011 in custom work, fascinators

More commissions!

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First of all I want to say how thankful I am for everyone requesting
commissioned pieces. I really love making these, and seeing them go to happy customers is a real thrill for me. So thanks everyone!!

Okay, on with the photos. A coworker of mine requested four clips – one for herself, one for each of her little girls, and a tie clip for her husband.

I started with the husbands first. I felt this simple, yet elegant design wasn’t too feminine and had just the right masculine touch. We’ll see what he says once he sees it!

Orchid with 3 biot feathers:


Next came the two for the girls. I love marabou feathers, but haven’t had much of a chance to use them until now!

Orchid, marabou feathers and biot feather:


I really like the floofy nature of the marabou, and find it super girly! I hope the ladies like them!


Last came momma’s. I knew I wanted something a little more elegant, but with a bit of contrast. I love these beaded feathers, so I layered them on top of some plushy green feathers (instead of the biots), then lined them with a bit of marabou and finished it off with an orchid. I hope she likes them!

Orchid with marabou feathers, beaded feathers and hen feathers (I think!):


Stay tuned because I have one more trick up my sleeve…

Posted on October 11th 2011 in custom work, fascinators