Custom hat

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One of my coworkers requested a custom hat with a vintage, retro feel. I drew a quick concept sketch for her and realized we were on the same page. I sat down to work on the project on the weekend, and it turned out exactly like I had in mind. I brought it to work today to show her and she loves it! I have to make one little adjustment (addition of a bendy clip) but otherwise I’m thrilled with it!

Here are some not-so-good pictures. I’ll try to get some better, modeled photos tonight.

The Black Dahlia

Hat front view


Detail of trim


Rhinestones instead of chenille


Posted on October 11th 2011 in custom work, hats

Custom work

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I was commissioned to do two headband pieces!

Lady of the Valley, $20:

One side with orchids, vintage jewelry and feathers for leaves


The other side with rhinestones and vintage jewelry


Call of the Calla, $10

One side with calla lilies


The other side with rose and woodland accents, and antique brass furniture nail


I also made these hair fans with rhinestones and vintage jewelry.

March of the Black Swan, $20


March of the White Swan, $20


Posted on October 5th 2011 in custom work