Diaper cake project revealed!

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Yesterday I put together a diaper cake for my friend Jen. I bought a pack of diapers and a ton of things like bum rash cream, hand sanitizer, facecloths, wet naps, binkies and other fun stuff.


Then I rolled all the diapers and taped them shut. I layered them into three tiers, and tucked baby powder and shampoo into the open spaces



The cake topper was a little green rubber duckie, and I made flowers out of the facecloths.

When they unwrap the final layer, they’ll be met with this little guy


Then I wrapped it all in tulle when it was done, and tucked two Cuban cigars in the front


This is the third cake I made, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I hope new mommy likes it too!

Posted on February 19th 2012 in babies

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