Fabric covered buttons

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I saw these button cover kits at Atlantic Fabric and Crafts in Nova Scotia, and got some ideas.

First you cut a circle of fabric based on the template on the back. I used a smaller circle since the one they suggested was too big


Then you tuck the fabric into the button I used some Glue Dots to hold it in place since the brocade was pretty slippery.


Then you push the button backing into the button front.


Once it’s snapped in, you push it in further with the little tool that’s provided.


Once you’re done, pry the button out of the rubber mold et voilà!


You can loop a metal-free elastic into the loop on the back and make cute hair elastics. Or you can use them to thread into your memory boards or French whatchamacallits.

Posted on September 2nd 2012 in Buttons

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